The online proceedings of this workshop are available here.

Detailed presentation schedule

We are happy to announce that 12 papers have been accepted for presentation at the Personalizing Persuasive Technologies Workshop 2017. The presentation schedule is as shown below:

Keynote Speaker:


Prof. Judith Masthoff is a chair in Computing Science at the University of Aberdeen. Her research is in personalisation and intelligent user interfaces. She is interested in personalizing behavior change mechanisms for encouraging people to live more healthily, sustainably and cyber-securely, and in adapting motivating and emotional support messages to personality. She has co-organized four workshops on behavior change technology, and given tutorials on personalization for behaviour change. She is Editor in Chief of the User Modeling and User-Adapted Interaction journal, and has guest-edited a special issue on Personalization and Behavior Change. She is a director of User Modeling Inc., the professional association of user modeling researchers.

Detailed presentation schedule

Schedule Paper Presenter
1:30 – 1:35 Welcome and Introduction All attendees
1:36-2:04 Keynote Representation – Judith Masthoff Judith Masthoff
2:10-2:18 The Learning model of Smartphone Feedback Applications in the field of e-health applied to the Step Counter – Arie Dijkstra, Elvira Kooy Arie Dijkstra
2:20-2.28 An Avatar Creator as a Tool for Constructing a Personalized Persuasive Profile – Marta Kaczmarczyk, Panos Markopoulos Marta Kaczmarczyk
2:30-2:42 Investigation of the Influence of Personality Traits on Cialdini’s Persuasive Strategies – Kiemute Oyibo, Rita Orji, and Julita Vassileva Kiemute Oyibo
2:45 – 2:53 Investigating Efficacy of Regulatory Fit Theory in Design of Persuasive Systems That Promote Physical Activity – Leila Sadat Rezai, Jessie Chin, Rebecca Bassett-Gunter, and Catherine Burns Leila Sadat Rezai
2:56 – 3:08 Generating Personalized Challenges to Enhance the Persuasive Power of GamificationReza Khoshkangini, Giuseppe Valetto and Annapaola Marconis Reza Khoshkangini
3:11 -3:19 Perspective Shifts in Mixed Reality: Persuasion through Collaborative Gaming Derek Jacoby and Yvonne Coady Yvonne Coady
3:22 – 3:34 Investigation of the Persuasiveness of Social Influence in Persuasive Technology and the Effect of Age and Gender Kiemute Oyibo, Rita Orji, and Julita Vassileva Kiemute Oyibo
3:37 – 3:46 Using Tailoring to Increase the Effectiveness of a Persuasive Game-Based Training for Novel TechnologiesSofia Fountoukidou, Jaap Ham, Cees Midden, and Uwe Matzat Sofia Fountoukidou
3:49 – 3:57 Towards a Platform for Persuading Older Adults to Adopt Healthy Behaviours – Carlos Azevedo, Cristina Chesta, José Coelho, Davide Dimola, Carlos Duarte, Marco Manca, Jan Nordvik, Fábio Paterno, Anne-Marthe Sanders, Carmen Santoro José Coelho
4:00 – 4:08 Tailoring Persuasive Strategies in E-Commerce – Ifeoma Adaji, Julita Vassileva Ifeoma Adaji
4:12 – 4:20 Personalizing Password Policies and Strength Feedback – Tobias Seitz Tobias Seitz
4:24 – 4:32 Personalized Design Process for Persuasive Technologies – Marierose M.M. van Dooren, Valentijn T. Visch, Renske Spijkerman Marierose M.M. van Dooren
4:33 – 5:00 Discussions and Closing Remarks